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5 Great Places to get ideas from

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Quick, practical and worth just 2 minutes a day of your time.

What are the 5 best places to get ideas from?

1. My top of the list, latest trend and buzz. If you’re not there, you don’t exist – Twitter.

How to use it:

Make an account, start following interesting people. Don’t limit yourself to friends. Go to the “Suggested users” section and start following the UK Prime Minister’s tweets.

A personal favourite of mine, who posts links to excellent articles is Copyblogger.

2. Facebook. obviously, the second most important place where you want to be present.

What’s useful there? Well, mainly other people’s links to blogs, updates or even photos. How does it help? Getting back in touch with possible partners, boasting about recent trips and finding out what character from Friends you match with.

3. Linked In. The largest and probably most profi network of business people worldwide.

How does it help? Getting in touch with someone you don’t know, establishing business partnerships. I personally like Groups – getting yourself remarked while making comments on them is quite easy. However, as everywhere else, you’d better have something smart to say.

4. Technorati. The blog search engine.

How does it help? Finding buzz blogs.  Might be a bit difficult to surf at the beginning though. A similar search and reading engine is Blog Catalog. Personally, I found this one easier to digest.

5. Google Reader. The blog daily digest.

A blogger I recently read said that the best way to keep yourself informed is by immersing yourself each morning into Google Reader, while sipping coffee. (I’d contradict him and say Twitter is more effective, but hey, each one with his preferences).
What’s useful there? It’s basically an empty page which you popularize with the blogs you’re following. Damn easy to use (and updates automatically) if you have a Blogger account (which I do). Produces a very easy to read summary of all blogs you follow, which means you don’t need to open endless tabs on your browser. Also suggests interesting pages to read.

The only thing you still need…is a bunch of interesting blogs to follow. I’d suggest this one, since you’re here. Simply click on the “add a subscription button” on your Google Reader page and paste this link there.

Enjoy reading 🙂


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September 23, 2009 at 3:31 pm

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