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5 steps to Contemplation

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Despite general opinion, you don’t need to be a Buddhist monk on the top of the mountain in order to allow yourself contemplation.

Here’s some easy steps to allowing yourself to experience a bit more of the world around you.

1. Close your phone, computer, and door and spend 1 minute in complete silence. Listen to the sounds around you. Water running, cars honking on the street, birds chirping (if you’re lucky and live in an area where you can hear them), people speaking in rooms nearby, wind rustling the leaves. One minute should do. Once you get back to what you were doing, time will seem to pass a whole lot slower.

2. When you get out of the subway, on the escalator, look up. Can you see the sky? For the 30 seconds you spend on the escalator, look up. Notice what shade of blue it is. If you spend some time outside every day (and you should), look around you at what has changed. Look for the subtle differences like the shade of colour in the leaves, or the new cat that appeared in the neighborhood.

3. When washing your hands (or the dishes, if you prefer), allow yourself a moment longer to feel the water. Switch temperatures from warm to hot to cold. Put some bubbly soap.

4. Read. Immerse yourself into someone else’s story. No, magazines, newspapers and blogs don’t count. When was the last time you had a really good piece of literature? The kind that you felt like talking about to all your friends?

5. Cook something. It can be as simple as a sandwich, but do it with a gourmet mindset. 🙂 Put some extra spices and flavors. (my favourite “cooking” is french moldy cheese and red wine – see? not that difficult!). One of the highlights of my day was to make a plum jelly, with the remains of what has become a plum juice. Adding some vanilla and cinnamon has made it particularly tasty!

901010-05-2TThere’s a nice anecdote about Zen weather forecast with a rock.

“If the rock is dry, it is not raining.

If the rock is wet, it is raining.

If the rock is white, it is snowing.

If the rock is invisible, it is foggy.”


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September 20, 2009 at 9:28 am

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  1. Totally loving your writing style!!! thanks for the tips Mer


    September 22, 2009 at 1:20 pm

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