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The speed of trust

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In the past weeks I’ve started to experience the speed of trust.

I work in a company that’s invented and innovated some of the best things in the world today – products that make our life easier, business tools that have been voted best in class. I work with some of the world’s best people, and I learn daily from them. Yet, although one of our values is trust, I am every day amazed by how much we verify and align and pre-align things, before putting them into practice. And after putting them into practice, we go back and verify again if we were right.
Wouldn’t life be so much easier if we based ourselves on trust?

Stephen MR Covey (the grass-cleaning son of Stephen Covey) says in his book “The Speed of Trust” that there’s a hidden variable in business, one that’s so important we tend to lose sight of it:

“Whether it’s high or low, trust is the “hidden variable” in the formula for organizational success. The traditional business formula is:
(Strategy x Execution = Results).
But there is a hidden variable:
(Strategy x Execution) x Trust = Results.
A company can have an excellent strategy and a strong ability to execute; but the net result can be torpedoed by a low-trust tax or multiplied by a high-trust dividend. This makes a powerful business case for trust, assuring that it is not a soft, “nice to have” quality.”

So if we trusted each other, I say, we would spend less time on checking up what the other did, and start acting.

I would keep a safe level of  “pre-alignment”, so that we still have a buffer and not go into separate directions. However, where does the balance lie?
I am pretty sure that there is a space for more trust in each of us’ business, household, or relationship.

How’s your level of trust in others?the_speed_of_trust

I invite you to do a check. Have people rate you on how trustful you are. Inlcude family, peers at work and business partners. You may find out new things about yourself.


Written by effectivenesscoach

August 29, 2009 at 6:53 am

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