Coaching Tips on Effectiveness

Or how to focus on what matters to YOU.


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This is a first step towards a more balanced – and happier – life.

For whom?

Well, for you of course.

What’s Effectiveness?

Simply put, it’s doing the right things. If what we learn in everyday Time Management classes is “how to make your daily to do list” or how to make order out of chaos, Effectiveness is “what to put on top of your to do list, and how to scratch out the rest”.

Being effective means being lazy enough to do little, but smart enough to do what counts.

What makes you happy?

How about doing more of that?

That’s what this blog is about. To start with, I will share a little of my own experience.

80/20 Living

There’s a brilliant book by Richard Koch, called 80-20 Living. The 80/20 Principle refers exactly to that – Effectiveness. Or how to do more, with less.

What if you could apply this to your everyday life? Take the shortcut route to what matters most?

Breakthrough Idea no. 1 – how to make money

One of the most important breakthrough this book brought to me was on money. Considering the crisis and tomorrow’s uncertainty, this is a matter of concern to all of us.
I had been thinking about buying a house for a long time. I had considered several options and always hit the brick wall of credit. I hate credit. I hate being at the mercy of  a bank and having to pay monthly installments for the rest of my life. But this seemed to be the only option.

The effectiveness principle of Mr Koch says the following:

There is no mystery about how to make money. It does not require a top paying job or luck in the lottery. The answer is simple and a bit boring: Save and invest ten percent of your income, before you receive it, by having it channeled automatically into a savings account. Do this now. It is the only reliable method and, thanks to the miracle of compound interest, it never fails. If you don’t do this, forget about making money.

With some simple calculations, I realized that by saving enough for the next 6-7 years, I could afford a house, full down payment. Now that…is a different perspective.

Enjoy effective living – and if you want to be coached on it, email me at

80/20 Living

Written by effectivenesscoach

August 7, 2009 at 6:43 pm

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